AI, 필립 스탁, 까르텔의 미래형 가구

Great Minds Think Alike as Kartell, Philippe Starck, and A.I. Team Up

이탈리아 브랜드 카르텔이 필립 스탁과 협력해 인공지능(AI)을 활용한 친환경 가구 컬렉션을 선보였습니다. AI와 인간의 창의력이 결합된 A.I. 라운지와 A.I. 콘솔은 재활용 소재로 제작되어 지속 가능성과 고급스러움을 동시에 실현합니다. 특히 A.I. 콘솔은 일리 커피 캡슐을 재활용해 만들어졌다는 점에서 더욱 특별합니다.

Three modern chairs with different designs and colors on a white background.

A.I. Lounge Armchair by Philippe Starck

Modern minimalist interior with designer furniture and floor lamp.

Modern interior setup with an armchair, side table, floor lamp, and a potted plant on a round rug.

Modern white chair partially shown against a purple background with a yellow textured surface in the foreground.

Two modern armchairs with contrasting colors and textures against a white background.

A modern hallway featuring a sleek, wall-mounted console table with a framed mirror above it, flanked by two candle sconces.

A.I. Console by Philippe Starck

Four minimalist wall consoles in grey, black, orange, and white, placed against a white wall with a framed mirror and wall sconces above.

Contemporary living setup with a warm color scheme, featuring a minimalist curved couch and a matching wall console with a plant.

Three contemporary chairs with different designs and upholstery, isolated on a white background.

H.H.H. Her Highest Highness by Philippe Starck

Two modern black chairs with armrests against a white background.

Three modern chairs with varying designs and colors, aligned side by side on a simple background.

Three modern table lamps with mushroom-like shades, varying in color and design, against a neutral background.

TERESA by Ferruccio Laviani

Modern metal slatted table lamp with a glowing center on a white background.

Two modern, ribbed table lamps with reflective surfaces, one silver and one red, on a white background.

Three modern, ribbed table lamps in gray, maroon, and black colors side by side on a reflective surface against a white background.

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